Relationships surround our lives. Romantic, parental, friends, in-laws, family, co-workers, and more. Relationships can be a great source of joy and fulfillment or a cause of stress and conflict. Relationship therapy focuses on improving the quality of relationships in your life including anger, hurt, betrayal and daily struggles.


Marriage is one of the most wonderful and often most difficult relationships we face in life. Bridges Counseling is thrilled to work with couples entering marriage to help build a strong foundation for a lasting love story. Bridges Counseling also is passionate about working with couples who have encountered difficulty in their marriage and are looking for ways to work through baggage, pain, betrayal, or confusion.


The family dynamic can be a tricky one to manage. As schedules become crowded, children grow, parents age and relationships change, the family can struggle. Family counseling helps parents improve their parenting and communication skills, families to work through change and crisis, and can aid in the process of handing divorce or major family change.  

Women's Concerns

Anxiety, depression, self-acceptance, weight-related matters, self esteem, eating disorders, parenting struggles, sexual assault history, codependency, and post-abortion issues are all concerns that Bridges Counseling is dedicated to helping women with.


The road to adulthood is often a confusing,difficult and emotional time. Sometimes having a place to turn to address the stress, anxiety and pressures of growing up is necessary. Bridges Counseling works with teenagers to understand underlying issues creating behavioral or emotional difficulties and to find long-term solutions to aid in the road to adulthood.

Coaching & Personal Growth

People often believe that counseling is just for "the broken" or those in crisis. This is not true and many enter counseling wishing to grow on a personal or professional level. At Bridges Counseling, clients experience support as they encounter life changes, whether personal or professional, and strive toward clarity, personal growth and life satisfaction. Through inner exploration and discussion of how to best use time, values, energy, and talents, Bridges Counseling helps clients grow in all areas of their lives.

Being a kid can be hard work! Counseling offers children the opportunity to learn to understand their feelings, process difficult experiences, develop skills to handle anxiety and process life in a way that helps them to grow emotionally stronger as a result.

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